Communication transformation
Connection is everything

Today’s workers and students want the freedom to connect on their terms. Align your organization with a rapidly transforming culture by partnering with ClearTech. We’re not just abreast of change, we’re leading it.

How we transform collaboration & learning

Fueling collaboration
We’re communication innovators

Technology is only part of it
Anyone can sell you the latest gear. The real measure of innovation is how well those solutions actually work, and how eagerly users embrace them. What makes our solutions truly transformative is that they’re grounded in technological expertise and tailored to the way people work and learn in our clients’ unique cultures. By taking the time to really get to know your organization, we’re able to develop solutions that others would never think of, and your people will readily embrace.

New thinking for new challenges
Constant change. Intense competition. They’re the two biggest challenges organizations face in our digitally-dominated world. So how do you keep on top of ever-evolving technology while staying one step ahead of your competitors? By attracting and retaining the best people, and freeing them to perform to their potential. We provide solutions that empower users to work and learn in the ways that are most natural to them – with technology that removes barriers instead of creating them.

Total focus
We’re service-obsessed

It starts the moment we meet
ClearTech defines service differently than others. It’s not just about service packages and friendly people on the phone. For us, extraordinary service begins with our first contact and is integral to all that comes afterward. It starts with listening, intently, to understand what you want to achieve and what you need to get there. It’s about being continuously available and responsive, guiding you forward, and never leaving you in the lurch. Our commitment to service not only makes us what we are. More than anything else, it’s what sets us apart.

Beyond managed services
In an era when uptime has to be all the time, the line between solutions and services hasn’t just blurred, it’s all but disappeared. That’s why we’ve pioneered comprehensive managed services to keep your technology functioning smoothly and reliably. More than that, we’ve infused our service ethic into everything ClearTech does. We’re always on. And always ready.

We keep our promises

The basis of trust
Our solutions work as promised because we don’t take our promises lightly. We deliver on what we spec. We commit, then follow through. That’s how trust is built and reputations are earned. Just ask ClearTech clients, many of whom have given us their business over far larger integrators because we provide what others can’t or won’t: a personal commitment to ensuring you get the most out of your technology investment.

Fulfilling technology’s promise
Today’s audiovisual integration technology can do amazing things, but it depends on people to bring it together and make it work. ClearTech solutions are as practical as they are innovative. That means they’re standardized for quick and universal adoption by your team. They’re high quality for reliability and performance. And they’re serviced and supported by the most committed team in the industry.

Case Studies

See how ClearTech goes above and beyond

  • Western University College of Dental Medicine

    To stay on the leading edge of dental training, Western University invested in a total overhaul of its Dental Simulation Lab. ClearTech provided the AV integration for this next-generation facility.
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  • FirstService Residential California Headquarters

    This innovative company monitors and manages a multitude of properties. Our mandate was to provide a robustly capable AV integration that was easy to operate and simple to maintain.
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  • Pepperdine Payson Library

    As part of its $18.8 million renovation of the Payson Library, Pepperdine University turned to ClearTech for an AV integration customized to the needs of today’s digital learners.
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“The installation went very well. The installers did an outstanding job, and were very professional and conscientious. We are very happy with the whole project, and look forward to doing more projects with ClearTech.”

Senior Vice President – Southern California-based investment management institution