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AV Managed Services

Continuous support of your AV Infrastructure

Remote monitoring with face-to-face support

ClearTech Connect remote monitoring and management of your AV systems prevents equipment failures or system outages during important meetings and throughout the day. And when you need live support, experienced support technicians and engineers are just a phone or video call away. It’s the fastest, easiest way to identify technical issues or resolve operational ones. Continuous support from ClearTech Connect also helps to ensure the longevity of your AV system, maximizing your AV ROI.

Driven by a team that will not let you fail.

Only ClearTech Connect combines state-of-the-art technology with service-obsessed support from a team that’s personally committed to your success. When you partner with ClearTech, you gain a true ally who will do whatever it takes to keep your team on track. We don’t give up. We embrace accountability. And we are always thinking on your behalf to ensure a seamless, satisfying user experience for every member of your organization and all who interact with your AV technology infrastructure.

Streamline your AV experience with ClearTech As-A-Service

If you love the turnkey convenience and peace of mind that come with ClearTech Connect AV Managed Services, explore ownership-free AV through ClearTech-As-A-Service. Offered as a subscription, it includes custom design and procurement, comprehensive monitoring and management, service and support, and strategic planning. Scheduled AV solution renewal is built in, too, so that your technology infrastructure remains up-to-date and always in sync with your organization’s evolving needs.

Operate more sustainably

ClearTech Connect AV Managed Services extends the longevity of your technology infrastructure by ensuring it remains in optimal working order. That not only benefits you operationally, it advances your sustainability objectives. Moreover, ClearTech is unmatched in our commitment to repurposing, recycling and responsibly disposing of AV gear when it’s no longer useable. In fact, we founded the first and only industrywide organization dedicated to advancing sustainability in AV.

The most comprehensive service & support available

ClearTech customer service and support goes beyond simply ensuring the peak performance of your AV infrastructure. Our knowledge of AV technology, trends and best practices ensures our solutions advance your strategic objectives. We revolutionize AV asset management by tracking equipment status, IP addresses, manufacturers and models to ensure maintenance is proactive and efficient. The ClearTech team always looks ahead to optimize system scalability and adaptability. And we do it all with the commitment of a partner who is invested in your success.

Subscribe to ClearTech As-A-Service

Radically simplify and optimize every aspect of your AV experience. Now you can access all the technology experience, service and support of ClearTech in the form of a subscription. There’s no burden of ownership, no cap-ex spending, and no more uncertainty about managing or updating your AV infrastructure. Communication and collaboration are maintained in a continuous flow that keeps your people happy and your organization productive.

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Service like you’ve never experienced.

Our expertise is matched only by our commitment to your success.

The ClearTech Connect suite of technology services is the most advanced and complete managed services offering you can get. But in the end, service and support still comes down to people, and nobody knows more – or cares more – about keeping you connected than the service-obsessed ClearTech team.

The more you learn, the more impressed you’ll be.

Let’s talk about how ClearTech Connect Managed Services can meet your unique needs.

What our clients say

“ClearTech are innovative designers, advisors and integrators who attentively listened, were responsive and furnished solutions that optimized the learning environment.”
Campus Director Southern California private university
“ClearTech is an excellent choice. All our locations are happy, and we hope to continue our relationship to make sure that our systems stay up and running.”
Regional Facilities Manager Fortune 500 utility company
“Project management and communication have been the best of any AV company I have worked with. I have no reason to look any further for an AV partner.”
Network Computing & Telecommunication Systems Supervisor Southern California-based community college
“ClearTech was a critical partner from the very start. They have been ‘on the ground’ with us the entire way. ClearTech really cares about their clients and makes sure that the technologies provided fit their client’s needs.”
Dean Southern California public university
“ClearTech is really good at getting to the best solutions – solutions I have not heard of. We are partners!”
Client IT Lead, Collaboration Technology Fortune 500 utility company