We connect with one another and our community to build a better world.

As a business, we’re responsible to our clients, staff and stakeholders, but our responsibilities extend further than that. Success simply isn’t sustainable unless we have a healthy, functioning society and planet. That’s why we work closely with like-minded organizations and other partners who share our conviction that the only viable future is a sustainable one.

Western Service Workers Association

ClearTech supports Western Service Workers Association (WSWA), celebrating 47 years of successful organizing, mutual assistance, and advocacy by and for their membership of low-income service workers, accomplished entirely through volunteer efforts and community support.

Commission on Voluntary Service and Action

We’re a proud Sponsor of the all-volunteer Commission on Voluntary Service and Action (CVSA), a nonprofit organization that organizes volunteer power to build a better world.

CVSA is a consultative and coordinating body of nongovernmental voluntary service organizations serving people and communities in need of systemic solutions to economic, social and environmental problems. ClearTech has joined CVSA’s community education campaign for the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, and we invite you to participate as well.

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What our clients say

“ClearTech are innovative designers, advisors and integrators who attentively listened, were responsive and furnished solutions that optimized the learning environment.”
Campus Director Southern California private university
“ClearTech is an excellent choice. All our locations are happy, and we hope to continue our relationship to make sure that our systems stay up and running.”
Regional Facilities Manager Fortune 500 utility company
“Project management and communication have been the best of any AV company I have worked with. I have no reason to look any further for an AV partner.”
Network Computing & Telecommunication Systems Supervisor Southern California-based community college
“ClearTech was a critical partner from the very start. They have been ‘on the ground’ with us the entire way. ClearTech really cares about their clients and makes sure that the technologies provided fit their client’s needs.”
Dean Southern California public university
“ClearTech is really good at getting to the best solutions – solutions I have not heard of. We are partners!”
Client IT Lead, Collaboration Technology Fortune 500 utility company