ClearTech Remote Monitoring & Management Will Offer Face-to-Face Help – Wherever You Are. January 2024

We’ve always prided ourselves on service, and now we’re about to take client care to a whole new level with state-of-the-art remote monitoring services that include live, on-demand assistance – not from a chatbot, but an actual person!

How it works

Here’s how it will work for our customers: Every networked device that you want monitored will be connected to our support service – securely, with no risk to your larger IT network. Imagine a video conferencing environment that includes displays, microphones, speakers, signal distribution, lighting and more. All your equipment will be regularly tested and retested so that problems can be identified before the big board meeting, client conference or sales presentation occurs.

When there’s an incident, a customized alert is triggered and our support service springs into action. Often, problems can be fixed remotely before you even realize something has happened. And when a service call is necessary, odds are it will take place well in advance of crunch time.

Immediate face-to-face response

But let’s say an issue occurs when you’re about to use your equipment – or you need instructions for the technology in a room. Using your phone or tablet, simply scan a wall-mounted barcode to speak immediately to an experienced support specialist. You don’t even have to install special code-reading apps in order to get face-to-face help. The enabling technology, developed by Teleportivity, enables user support across hundreds and even thousands of access points. It also makes room instructions, manuals, how-to-videos, technical documents and other content available at a press of the button.

The benefits are obvious and numerous. For example, this service is available at a fraction of what it would cost to expand your own service and support team. Freed from the burden of investing in an in-house support infrastructure, you can spend your capital where it will generate maximum ROI.

Another benefit: Remote monitoring provides invaluable data about equipment usage and performance, giving you real insight into the ROI you receive from your technology infrastructure. You’ll know who’s using what, how, and when. It may well be the case that you’ve been maintaining an expensive AV solution that nobody actually uses. That information means you can remove it from your collaboration technology suite without compromising productivity and connectivity.

In addition, you’ll gain keen insight through remote monitoring into which devices and solutions are reliable, and which are trouble-prone. You’ll learn volumes about system uptime, capacity and more. This will save you even more money when you’re deciding how to evolve your collaboration capabilities.

Think about it: You’ll get help desk end-user support across your rooms, locations and regions, spanning equipment from a vast range of manufacturers. Unlimited help desk support is available 24/7/365. Beyond that, you’ll received fully managed patching and compliance. Oh, and the state of your AV network is viewable on a real-time dashboard that consolidates all essential information on a single pane of glass.

As always, we welcome direct contact between you and our team.

There’s one more thing you need to know. ClearTech remote monitoring and management is entirely additive to what we already provide you. You’ll still enjoy direct access to our team. You’ll still be a member of the ClearTech family. But now it will be even easier for you to take advantage of benefits like 24/7 technical support, software updates, same-day hardware replacement, dispatch services, remote monitoring and proactive troubleshooting.

We’ll be introducing this service very soon, and all its capabilities will be available to you through a range of service level agreements (SLAs) that enable you to select an option that best fits your needs.

Stay tuned for more information!