The performance you expect. The partner you need.

Corporate clients rely on ClearTech for leading-edge technical prowess combined with the commitment, responsibility and accountability of a true partner. In an era of dispersed workforces and rapid technological change, communication continuity is too important to settle for anything less.

Connection is everything.

Our team is your team.

Count on us to understand what makes your organization unique, and to design solutions that reflect your specific objectives and requirements.

More than that, expect our team to keep your communication infrastructure performing at peak levels. We’re able to deliver a seamless collaboration experience because in ClearTech you have a partner as invested in your success as you are.

The union of solution and service.

Even the smartest AV solutions fall short without the support necessary to optimize and ensure ongoing performance. By treating solution and service as a piece and maintaining continuous connection between your teams and ours, ClearTech ensures a seamless user experience – not only when service and support are needed, but as your communication needs evolve.

Our values reflect yours.

As a woman-owned business with a team as diverse as it is capable, ClearTech exemplifies the rich potential of the American workforce. We are a mirror of the communities, organizations and industries we serve, and our status as an industry leader provides an example of what can be achieved when we create the conditions that allow individuals to realize their potential.

Case Studies

Western University of Health Sciences

Case Study Western University of Health Sciences Advancing the Healing Arts with AV Technology Education in osteopathic medicine demands hands-on learning. But how do you teach touch-dependent techniques to up to 300 students simultaneously? Western University of Health Sciences engaged ClearTech to integrate a new learning environment where every student – everywhere in the room …

Pepperdine Payson Library

As part of its $18.8 million renovation of the Payson Library, Pepperdine University turned to ClearTech for an AV integration customized to the needs of today’s digital learners.

Industry leaders in bringing sustainability to AV.

We believe in the power of partnerships.

ClearTech has achieved international renown as the founder of Sustainability in AV (SAVe), the first industrywide U.S.-based organization to bring stakeholders in the audio visual (AV) field together to take concerted action to achieve the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Working in partnership with affiliated organizations and sponsors, we’re not just raising awareness – we are driving meaningful, measurable change for a planet in dire need of it.

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What our clients say

“ClearTech are innovative designers, advisors and integrators who attentively listened, were responsive and furnished solutions that optimized the learning environment.”
Campus Director Southern California private university
“ClearTech is an excellent choice. All our locations are happy, and we hope to continue our relationship to make sure that our systems stay up and running.”
Regional Facilities Manager Fortune 500 utility company
“Project management and communication have been the best of any AV company I have worked with. I have no reason to look any further for an AV partner.”
Network Computing & Telecommunication Systems Supervisor Southern California-based community college
“ClearTech was a critical partner from the very start. They have been ‘on the ground’ with us the entire way. ClearTech really cares about their clients and makes sure that the technologies provided fit their client’s needs.”
Dean Southern California public university
“ClearTech is really good at getting to the best solutions – solutions I have not heard of. We are partners!”
Client IT Lead, Collaboration Technology Fortune 500 utility company