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As business owners, we’re responsible not just to our clients, staff and stakeholders, but to the larger community. ClearTech takes that obligation seriously. Because success simply isn’t sustainable unless we have a healthy, functioning society in which everyone is valued.

We’re always trying to build a better business. But real satisfaction comes from using our talents and passion to build a better world.

Sustainable development
Commission on Voluntary Service and Action

We’re a proud Sponsor of the all-volunteer Commission on Voluntary Service and Action (CVSA), a nonprofit organization that organizes the power of volunteerism to serve people – and a planet – in need.

CVSA is a consultative and coordinating body of nongovernmental voluntary service organizations serving people and communities in need of systemic solutions to economic, social and environmental problems. CVSA promotes the United Nations’ 2030 Sustainable Development goals (SDGs) by mobilizing community-level engagement to build a groundswell of involvement to keep government at all levels accountable to this pledge.

ClearTech is privileged to partner with CVSA and we encourage you to join with us to advance its critical mission.