Author: Christina DeBono

Thank you for attending “IFMA WE: Impacting Climate Change & Creating a Sustainable World”!

“Thought provoking”…”action-oriented”…”eye opening” – The reaction to our recent event and panel discussion – Impacting Climate Change & Creating a Sustainable World – was extremely positive! Many thanks to our fantastic hosts, sponsors, panelists and attendees. As a follow-up, we are including a number of resources for you to download or link to.  Eric Teicholz (IFMA Sustainability…

Embracing Sustainability

Sustainable development goals

ClearTech is committed to advancing sustainable development. Learn about the actions we’re taking.

ClearTech Honored for Community Outreach

WSWA house meeting

Talk about an honor: Our industry trade association, NSCA, has given ClearTech its 2021 “Stepping Up Award” for Community Outreach. We have always believed that our business will only be as successful as the communities that nurture and sustain us. In fact, this conviction is a core principle of ours, one we’ve practiced since our…

Looking Back to See Ahead

HOW LAST YEAR WILL DRIVE SUCCESS IN THE NEW YEAR For any organization that depends on communication and collaboration, this was a truly tumultuous year. Across America integrators stumbled across the finish line like injured marathon runners – reeling, confused, and almost disbelieving that we made it this far. Now that we’ve had time to…

The technology tools that will make 2021 a year of progress.

What changes will 2021 bring for workplace communication?

As 2020 winds down, we’re picking up steam on a major initiative at ClearTech, one aimed at bringing clarity to businesses and other organizations that are trying to figure out to how to plan wisely, work productively, and spend prudently in a fast-changing workplace environment. The name of this initiative: “How Technology Will Unite Us…

ClearTech introduces EduFLEX: The Hybrid Classroom Solution

To help higher ed institutions accommodate the new reality, ClearTech has introduced EduFlex: an affordable, scalable, easy-to-implement hybrid learning solution that brings UC capability to almost any space – even ones without an existing AV infrastructure.

Cal Poly Pomona Project Featured in Sound & Communications

What can you achieve when you truly listen to your clients? Take a look at ClearTech’s AV project Cal Poly Pomona’s Collins College of Hospitality Management. Nearly three years after completion, it continues to win raves for its flexibility and ease of use. In an industry like ours, technology evolves quickly, but great design endures…

ClearTech Profiled in Commercial Integrator Cover Story

The headline for this article – “Shifting to Service in 365 Days” – says a lot about what we achieved in a short amount of time. Yet the real story wasn’t just how quickly we developed managed services for our clients, but how completely.

ClearTech Honored by NSCA for Excellence in Business

Unless you’re an AV integrator like ClearTech, you may not be familiar with the NSCA Excellence in Business Award. But if you’re considering doing business with us, we invite you to take a moment to learn more about this huge industry honor – because it’s all about ClearTech’s efforts to better serve our customers.